Click (2006)

click_xlgDirector: Frank Coraci

Writers: Steve Koren & Mark O’Keefe

So mind numbingly awful.  I remember when this came out seeing corny people on Facebook say how this movie was so wonderful and made them cry.  UGH.  I can’t explain how angry that kind of stuff makes me.  This movie is so full of shit, stupid, ugly, and mean.  I hate pretty much everything about this.

Adam Sandler plays another rich guy, as he does in pretty much all of his movies these days.  He works a lot so of course his kids hate him as is the standard in comedies.  Asshole Dad works a lot and his kids hate him so he doesn’t something totally stupid to please the whims of children.  OK!  Sandler goes to Beth, Bath, and Beyond and gets a magical universal remote that allows him to control the world around him.  Cute!

So eventually he starts fast forwarding and ignoring all of the things that bug or annoy him like his wife talking, his kids talking, his boss talking, basically everything, he even fast forwards sex.  The remote then starts guessing what he wants to happen and it starts fast forwarding his life and he sees in fast forward how all of his working destroys his family and then he gets fat and then he gets old and then its all a dream.

Goddamn this thing felt like it was 3 hours long.  Sandler does his typical mean spirited dumb comedy and then at the end pretends it has heart.

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