The White Ribbon (2009)

The White Ribbon

Director: Michael Haneke

Writer: Michael Haneke

The film was very creepy and haunting, aided by its beautiful black and white cinematography.  Haneke, from the few movies I have seen, seems to keep revisiting the idea that horrible things happen and finding out nice and neat answers to some of life’s mysteries is something that happens in the third act of a movie and not in life.

The film is set during the early 1900s right before World War I in a small village in Germany.  It is narrated by an old man looking back at his time as a young man in the town.  A series of accidents in the town leaves people killed but who is doing it?  Are they connected.  The film never really answers these questions, but does it matter?  I guess to some it will frustrate with its slow pace and lack of a conventional conclusion but given the setup and tone of the film finding out “whodunnit” isn’t really something that is necessary for the film to be satisfying.

Upon watching the supplemental features on the Blu Ray for this I realize I am just not smart or knowledgeable enough to truly appreciate this film on all its levels I did like it though.  How this lost the Best Cinematography Academy Award to a cartoon (Avatar) in 2010 I do not understand.

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