Rumor Has It… (2005)

Rumor Has It...

Director: Rob Reiner

Writer: Ted Griffin

Holy shit this is awful.  I wasn’t expecting much but you’ve got a good cast, a once good director, and a decent idea for a movie how bad could it be?

Basically Jennifer Aniston thinks her Dad isn’t her real Dad.  She finds out her Mom and her Grandmother both fucked the same guy a long time ago, Kevin Costner, and that they were the inspiration for The Graduate.  So she tracks down Kevin Costner and he says he isn’t her Dad because he got kicked in the nuts real bad when he was a kid.  Since they aren’t related she has sex with him because she’s nervous about marrying Mark Ruffalo.  So now Kevin Costner has had sex with three different generations from the same family.  Then the next day Aniston meets a guy who says he is Costner’s son.  So for about 10 minutes of this movie Aniston is running around thinking she actually had sex with her biological Father.  Costner assures her that no he isn’t her Dad because that guy isn’t really his son he just never told him.  LOL right guys?  Ugh who cares?  If you want to make a movie about someone accidentally fucking their Dad then just go for it!

To top it all off this isn’t a funny movie and everyone in it is an asshole.    Thats all.

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