Accidental Love (2015)

Accidental LoveDirector: Stephen Greene (David O. Russell)

Writers: Kristin Gore & Matthew Silverstein & Dave Jeser

(Screen Story by Kristin Gore & Matthew Silverstein & Dave Jeser)

(Based on the novel “Sammy’s Hill” by Kristin Gore)

This was a movie called Nailed that David O. Russell was directing before The Fighter but due to various production issues they ran out of money without finishing filming.  The movie sat on a shelf, unfinished, since 2008 and now here it is with a new title and Russell’s name replace with the pseudonym Stephen Greene.  Knowing all of that the movie is about as good as it could be I suppose which is to say not good.  And to make it all worse a lot of the plot is about people trying to get healthcare options for everyone, because this is set in a pre Obamacare world, and now that there is a public option the whole issue of the plot isn’t relevant.  An interesting curiosity, and I wish we could see what Russell had original planned, but that is about all.

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