Maleficent (2014)

MaleficentDirector: Robert Stromberg

Writer: Linda Woolverton

(Based on the story “La Belle au bois dormant” by Charles Perrault)

From what I understand the Maleficent character is a huge merchandise seller for Disney hence the creation of this film.  Besides a kind of fun performance from Jolie this movie didn’t really do much for me.  This film takes the story of Sleeping Beauty and says that what we knew wasn’t the real story and goes from there.  I don’t really understand the need to take a great villain and neuter them by making them misunderstood and sympathetic in their own movie.  The character was popular as a villain for a reason!  There is also a kind of weird rape allegory in the middle of the movie that seemed strange considering this is a PG rated Disney movie.  I know the kids wouldn’t see it the way I did but I couldn’t help but think about it.

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