The Lone Ranger (2013)

The Lone Ranger

Director: Gore Verbinski

Writers: Justin Haythe and Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio

(Story by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio and Justin Haythe)

I was expecting a lot worse.  I don’t mean to say this was good but I guess with my non existent expectations I didn’t really care.  Verbinski is a great action director and that is certainly the saving grace.  The final half hour is pretty fun by itself but it does take about two hours to get there.  Hammer does his best.  Really not sure why they did the old Tonto framing device.  Like all these Verbinski/Bruckheimer/Disney movies it is WAY to long at almost 2 1/2 hours.  Also the attempts at humor are awful.  This movie is all over the place.  Still not one of the worst things I saw this year.  That poster though…

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