Red Tails (2012)

Red TailsDirector: Anthony Hemingway

Writers: John Ridley and Aaron McGruder

(Story by John Ridley)

(Based on the book “Red Tails, Black Wings: The Men of America’s Black Air Force” by John B. Holway)

A real missed opportunity.  The air battle scenes have some excellent special effects but the whole thing is bogged down by boring, cliche characters, some of the corniest dialogue of recent years, and some really amateurish acting.  It is clear with Lucasfilm behind it the project got all of the state of the art effects from ILM but the script clearly needed some more work.  The characters just kind of blend together after a while and the ones that do stand out are given tired war movie story lines you have seen before.  On top of that the dialogue is very old sounding and lame.  I figure they were trying to capture the tone and feel of old World War II filmes, not necessarily reality, but it really just falls flat.  Some of that blame falls on the cast, which is filled with talented actors, whofail to deliver.  Also a nit pick that I don’t know if most people would notice is that so many of the sound effects in this were heard in all of the Star Wars prequels and I found it to be werird and slightly distracting.

I wanted to like this.  I do like the above alternate poster art by Joe Kubert though!

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