Congo (1995)

CongoDirector: Frank Marshall

Writer: John Patrick Shanley

(Based on the novel by Michael Crichton)

I believe I was only 8 when Jurassic Park came out and I wanted to see it more than anything.  EVERYONE saw it or at least that’s what it felt like, I’m sure some kids lied just to fit in.  I did not see it in the theaters as my parents were very cautious about things I watched.  I get it now, 8 year old me didn’t need to see Jurassic Park, but at the time it made me so mad and frustrated.

So the next Summer when Congo was coming out, another movie based on Crichton, I couldn’t have been more excited.  I eventually saw Jurassic Park at home but I NEEDED to see Congo on the big screen.  I read the book, watched the HBO Behind the Scenes clips, and even spent $20, a lot of money for a jobless 9 year old, on the behind the scenes book.  I went to the theater with my Dad, we went in to the already dark theater because the movie was just starting.  At this point I panicked a little and pretended that I didn’t want to see it because the movie had already started.  I thought I was playing it cool but I am sure my Dad was happy that he wouldn’t have a scared kid that night.  We then left and went and saw the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie instead.  I’m sure my Dad loved it.

Like Jurassic Park I finally saw Congo from the comfort of home.  That always made it a little easier, I could pause it or leave during a scary part pretending I had to go to the bathroom.  It isn’t a good movie, and watching it again now was probably the first time since I was 10, but it will always be memorable for that.  It was just one of those movies that I just got obsessed with even though I hadn’t even seen it yet.  I thought because of the Jurassic Park connection that it would be as big as that and there was no way I wasn’t going to be a part of the Congo phenomenon!  That was a thing right?

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