Don Juan DeMarco (1994)

don_juan_demarco_xlgDirector: Jeremy Leven

Writer: Jeremy Leven

Johnny Depp stars as a man who runs around in a cape and domino mask claiming to be Don Juan DeMarco, the greatest lover of all time.  He does this in the modern world so of course people find him crazy.  He enters into fancy hotels, scoops up women, has sex with them and then moves on.  He claims to be suicidal over the one woman he cannot have so he is institutionalized.  Marlon Brando plays his psychiatrist Dr. Mickler, only ten days away from retirement, who is so taken by DeMarco’s story that he takes him on as his final assignment.  A cute concept and actually a better movie than I had anticipated.

Brando looks to be at the peak of his grossness.  His element of the film has him taking some of the things he is learning from DeMarco in their sessions and applying it to his stale marriage but the man seems to have difficulty walking at times.  I guess I am being mean here.  Anyway Depp turns on the charm and even if the idea of a guy running around in a mask seducing women seems silly the times we see him do it come off as believable in the context of this reality.

Of course there is more going on with these characters than what is described above and the reveals are handled well.  Overall an easy to watch romantic comedy.

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