Fast Five (2011)

Fast FiveDirector: Justin Lin

Writer: Chris Morgan

(Characters created by Gary Scott Thompson)

As you can see I have been re-watching the Fast & Furious series.  This was never really my bag.  I had seen them all once before, although 2 and 4 I wasn’t really sure, and I just never really got it.  I know why it is popular it just isn’t really for me.  It seemed that this was always going to be a popular franchise that critics hated but then all of a sudden with Fast Five it seemed like critics just kind of threw up their arms and were like “sure why not” and now it is ok and cool to love these movies.  Yeah this is the best of the series so far but it is just as boneheaded as the previous entries.

So now everyone is a bad guy again and living in Brazil.  Probably the smartest thing about this is that they turned it into a heist movie.  Everyone is in Brazil and to make money they devise a plan to steal a safe.  They assemble their crew, which is all characters from previous films, and get to work.  Meanwhile The Rock is a no nonsense federal agent tracking them down.  Everyone makes corny jokes and Vin Diesel talks about family a lot.

The final act heist sequence is pretty fun except that Diesel and Walker are dragging a huge safe down the street causing mass destruction and probably killing loads of innocent people and causing millions of dollars in damages.  Wasn’t Walker an FBI agent in the last movie?  Oh and The Rock also starts to help them at this point.  Apparently there is just something so seductive about Dom’s voice that it just turns everyone into criminals.

Loud and dumb but the best of the franchise so far.  Still kind of at a loss at how people seem to be acting like these was always a fun series of movies.  Is it genuine like or is everyone just being ironic “oh look how dumb and stupid this is!  Dude-Bros like this and I wear thick glasses and listen to trap music so now I will pretend to love the Fast & Furious movies and go laugh at them”?  I am not really into guilty pleasure or liking something to laugh at it so many that is why it just isn’t really for me.  Stuff like that is fun to talk about but actually sitting through 10-12 hours of movies as a joke just seems like a waste.

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