The Hangover Part III (2013)

The Hangover Part IIIDirector: Todd Phillips

Writers: Todd Phillips & Craig Mazin

(Characters created by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore)

If I hadn’t seen Scary Movie V this would easily be the worst movie of 2013 I have seen so far.  So aggressively awful and mean from the start, which features a giraffes head being cut off and flung through a families windshield as they drive down the high way.  I am not a prude I love dark and mean humor but in this context, setting up a mainstream comedy, I just struggle to understand how it made it through all the steps it must have taken to get to the big screen.

This time, I guess in response to complaints that the second was almost identical to the first, they largely ditch the getting hungover and retracing their steps formula.  Chow, the endlessly grating and totally one note Ken Jeong, stole gold bricks from a mobster and since the Wolfpack all know him the gangsters kidnap Doug, so he can once again not be in the movie, and force the trio to track down Chow.  So actually it is kind of similar to what happened in the other movies.

Galafianakis is once again the only funny thing in the movie, but most of it is just Galafianakis type humor he has been doing since long before these movies so I wonder how much of it was the script versus Galafianakis himself.  Helms and Cooper get almost nothing funny to say or do.  I struggle to even find anything to really say about it.  Nothing funny happens the resolution isn’t surprising or interesting.  The whole thing is just so dull and boring and mean in a bad way.  I will say it is a great looking movie.  With comedy the visual aspect usually isn’t the most important but the cinematography is sharp and looks like they made good use of its surely big budget.

Hopefully they really stick to the finale aspect of the marketing.

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