AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

avpDirector: Paul W.S. Anderson

Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson

(Story by Paul W.S. Anderson and Dan O’Bannon & Ronald Shusett)

(Based on “Alien” characters created by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett)

(Based on “Predator” characters created by Jim Thomas & John Thomas)

I don’t understand how someone could watch Alien and get why that is an amazing classic horror film and then make this.  That this and the original film are part of the same franchise is crazy to me.  Paul Anderson is one of those guys who just keeps making these totally junkie fanboy movies that no one seems to think around good and then he makes another one and another one and another one.  What are we up to on Resident Evil?  6?

This is born out of a fleeting shot at the end of Predator 2 where we can see an alien skull trophy of the Predator’s ship.  Then there were tons of comic book team ups courtesy of Dark Horse that I never read.  The whole thing just seemed so pointless, why these two characters?  They really have nothing to do with each other and the two film franchises and pretty different in terms of style and tone.  I was never some nerd who thought about things like what if ________ fought _________!?!?!  Why!

A bunch of scientists find a tomb in Antarctica and it turns out the Predator’s used to come to Earth and release the alien creatures to hunt as a ritual.  Well the humans come and release some aliens and some Predator’s show up and then there is a bunch of fighting.

The original Alien and Predator had so much creepy mystery to them and this has absolutely zero.  There are tons of full on shots of these two characters wrestling around on the ground.  It is just a totally dumb and tone deaf misunderstanding of what people liked about those films.  The characters are non existent, introduced to be killed in bloodless PG-13 ways.  The whole thing is just terrible.

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