Bully (2012)


Director: Lee Hirsch

Writers: Lee Hirsch & Cynthia Lowen

I found this movie to be pretty much bullshit.  This whole anti bullying thing that has been going on in recent years just seems to be going about it wrong.  The whole emphasis is on stopping bullying.  Well sorry but that is never going to happen.  Do you think kids who bully are going to sit down and watch this and realize the error of their ways?  How about talking to kids about dealing with it, how middle/high school is really just a blip on the radar.  This movie just shows some sad pathetic kids being picked on and offers no real insight into anything.  They don’t talk to schools that have curbed the problem, they don’t get into why people bully, they don’t talk to any bullies about why the do it or how it makes them feel, they don’t talk to the parents of bullies, they don’t really offer any kind of solution or anything.  It also seemed clear to me that some of the kids who were being bullied had some sort of special needs and again nothing is really ever discussed or brought up, there is just this surface look at these kids being mean and isn’t that bad.  Yeah sure it is.  I would think that every person alive has been teased or picked up at some point in their life.  This isn’t a new thing.   Something like this could have been interesting if they broadened the scope a little bit.  As is it just seemed like look at how sad this kid is with no deeper thought.

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