Batman: Year One (2011)


Directors: Sam Liu & Lauren Montgomery

Writer: Tab Murphy

(Based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli)

I enjoy that DC picks specific runs or stories by famous creators and attempts to adapt them, from the writing to the art style, for these animated movies.  The problem is that they just lack a soul.  The go through the pains to try and be accurate and in the process don’t really do anything new.  I guess if you haven’t read the original stories or seen Nolan’s Batman films, which borrowed a lot from this particular story, then it is probably fun but for me it was a fine watch just nothing special.  I appreciate that this is similar to the comic but the thrill of reading it for the first time is so above and beyond what this offers.  Overall one of the better of the DC animated films, mainly because it attempts to tell an actual story instead of just having fighting for 70 minutes, but just OK overall.

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