The Great Gatsby (2013)

The Great Gatsby

Director: Baz Luhrmann

Writers: Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce

(Based on a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald)

I only read this book for the first time in the last year.  I KNOW I KNOW I am a bad person.  I betray the glasses I wear on my face.  But I read it!  Before the movie!

I am not really a Baz Luhrmann fan.  I have not seen Strictly Ballroom but I have seen all of his other films and I get the style it just isn’t really for me.  You like it?  Well wonderful!  Enjoy!  I guess even after so many movies I was expected the style and tone for this one to be a little different considering the source material but it really isn’t.  The first half is over the top corny and manic and then the second half melodramatic and serious.  I like everyone in the cast and the anachronistic use of music mostly worked for me but the tone of it just doesn’t really click for me.  The themes of the book just didn’t really come through.  It just seemed to be a surface retelling of the story with why it is a great story or important one not really coming through for me.

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