For a Good Time, Call… (2012)

For a Good Time, Call...

Director: Jamie Travis

Writers: Lauren Miller & Katie Anne Naylon

A well intentioned movie that just lacks any real laughs beyond girls fake moaning.  I like the leads and I like the tone, there is just an overall earnest and pleasant feel to it, so it isn’t a total loss or anything, it just doesn’t have enough bite to it to be memorable.  I was also left with this feeling that their were story lines setup and never paid off.  It wasn’t clear if the lead decided to keep job?  When her parents find out she is a phone sex operator they storm out disappointed and are never heard from again the rest of the movie.  Ari Graynor’s character talks about being a writer more than one in the movie while Lauren Miller’s is a driven professional trying to make it in the publishing world.  One would think this would go somewhere but it doesn’t.

The likable leads are what helps the movie get by.  The character types and beats can be seen from a mile away but it overall feels comfortable enough to be watchable but just not original enough to be memorable.

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