That’s My Boy (2012)


Director: Sean Anders

Writer: David Caspe

I like Sandler when he is in non Happy Madison productions.  I loved Punch Drunk Love and Funny People.  Unfortunately this is a Happy Madison joint and has his stink all over it.  Even though he brought in some new people to work with and not his usual directors it is still the same stuff.  I will say it looks better and is put together better than his recent stuff.  I saw Grown Ups and Jack and Jill within the last year or so and was really struck with just how horrible made they were.  Just bizarrely edited and ugly to look at.  Is that really a compliment to say that professional filmmakers made a movie that seems like it was competently made?  I guess.

I also like Andy Samberg.  He does his best and I think he is a funny and talented performer but this movie really doesn’t give anyone actually funny to do.  The story is very dark and creepy and yet it doesn’t embrace the darkness and instead tries to make it a typical overly sentimental Sandler movie for some reason.  The basis for the plot is statutory rape and the finale twist involves incest but at the same time the movie is trying to be nice?

The biggest crime is that it just isn’t that funny.  Sandler has maybe the worst accent he has had thus far.  Like a weird mongoloid baby talking Bostonite who was in a car accident.  I don’t really understand what exactly he was going for in this.  The “jokes” consist of saying fuck a lot and inserting Vanilla Ice into scenes.  Also it is about an hour and fifty five minutes long.  But you’ve seen the trailer I don’t think I really need to tell you it is terrible.

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