Death Wish (1974)


Director: Michael Winner

Writer: Wendell Mayes

(Based on the novel by Brian Garfield)

This makes me think there should be more weird neon colored movie posters in the world.  I think this is an alternate version to the normal one which is the same image but without the yellow/green tint.  Kind of interesting.  I like it better than the actual movie.  Bronson is a weird lead.  Maybe it is just the baggage I had while watching it but the opening scene when he is in his little briefs prancing around on a beach with his loving wife just seemed so…strange to me.  The movie itself is alright.  Jeff Goldblum and his gang rape and kill Death Wish’s wife so he starts killing bad people.  He doesn’t specifically seek out the people who killed his wife and try and get justice, he just puts himself in situations where people will try to fuck with him and he kills them.

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