Donnie Brasco (1997)


Director: Mike Newell

Writer: Paul Attanasio

(Based on a book by Joseph D. Pistone and Richard Woodley)

I for some reason never saw this movie.  The story is very fascinating but it seemed to get caught up in following the mafia storyline and lost a bit of the relationship between Depp and Pacino’s character which seemed like it should have been the focus.  Towards the end Pacino questions Depp about how often he is over his house and Depp responds at least twice a week and I think we saw one visit during the film.  We keep getting told hold close these two are about how they care and eventually Depp starts to sympathize with the criminals but I just didn’t really feel like we saw enough of that in the actual movie.  Interesting seeing Depp not wear a wig and a fake nose and jumping around like he does in pretty much every movie.  Interesting enough but just think it could’ve been a little more in depth with its characters.  I never really felt there was much to latch on to.

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