What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)


Director: Kirk Jones

Writers: Shauna Cross & Heather Hach

(Based on books by Heidi Murkoff)

There is this weird trend, I actually don’t know how much of a trend it is but anyway, in Romantic Comedies like this, and especially Adam Sandler movies, where everyone in them is just really wealthy and in these jobs that are not really relatable to average people at all but the problems in the movie are supposed to be the ones that everyone faces.  I love Judd Apatow and I am looking forward to This is 40 but in the trailer there is a tagline that this is everyones story.  I don’t think living in a huge house in California, playing on your iPad on the toilet, and scouting bands for a living and having an overall pretty great life is what you would call everyones story.  It’s Complicated has similar problems.  Everyone is genuinely having a great life, wearing nice new clothes, driving nice cars, everyone is good looking and healthy, and the biggest issue is what kind of tile does Streep want for her new remodeled kitchen.  Pretty much all of Adam Sandler’s movies has him playing some extremely wealthy person now whether it is a plastic surgeon or a commercial director.  I guess if the people in these movies had money troubles then they couldn’t just have them focusing on the relationship troubles they have.

Anyway this movie features a lot of the same issues.  Even the characters who are supposed to be in trouble financially, like the Jennifer Lopez/Rodrigo Santoro adoption story line, live in amazing apartments have nice cars, and actually never really seem to be working.  Lopez plays a photographer and Santoro plays someone who picks the songs they use in commercials.  Who has these jobs?  How many professional commercial song pickers actually exist in the world?  100 maybe?  Why this profession is the one chosen for this character I don’t quite understand.  When writing this script why was that the one they chose?  Elizabeth Banks’s husband in this film is a dentist and he is in constant competition with his Dad, who was a Nascar driver, about money.  Both of these people are insanely wealthy and successful, is that a real competition?

Nascar driver, food truck chef, pro breast feeding childrens book author without any kids, television fitness expert, everyone in these movies has these totally non-relatable jobs and yet it is supposed to be based on the idea that these are troubles that people go through in life when have a baby.  There is not really any significant struggles in this, everyone has no issues filling up their SUVs and spending all of their time walking around parks on sunny 75 degree days.  The whole thing just seems to exist in this bullshit fantasy world where everyone hired interior decorators to do their apartments and everyone has fresh new dry cleaned clothes everyday.  Santoro hangs out with a crew of Dads and none of them seem to be doing much of anything except talking about their kids and walking around a park everyday.

And even after all that I will say that compared to these other ensemble romantic comedies, like New Years Eve, or Valentines Day, I found this one to be a little more tolerable.  The cast is pretty good, I do like most of the people in it, and I will say I had pretty much no expectation for it, so I guess I can say I didn’t hate it.

I love Chris Rock, as a stand up comedian he is one of the best.  I have also gotten from many interviews with him over the years how smart he is and that he just seems to have really great taste in things.  I don’t know why but he just never seemed to really pop off on the big screen the way he should have.  Anyway just a thought.

And why did they go with all these black posters for the marketing of this thing.  Very strange choice.

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