Shuffle (2011)

ImageDirector: Kurt Kuenne

Writer: Kurt Kuenne

Had never heard of this before but it is by the same director who did the documentary Dear Zachary which I thought was pretty great.  This is a straight up regular narrative feature and while I do like the idea on paper the execution is very muddled and the production value is pretty sub par.

The setup is that a man is living his life out of order.  Every night he goes to sleep and then wakes up at a different age in his life.  We follow him as he runs around trying to figure out why.  The explanation is overly schmaltzy and didn’t really make much sense to me while thinking about it afterwards.  The lighting is also distractingly bad.  In an effort to give the movie a stylized look everything has this bizarre glow to it and rooms are bathed in full on red or blue or green light or sometimes barely any light.  What kind of strange doctors office has no lights on in it?

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