Aeon Flux (2005)

ImageDirector: Karyn Kusama

Writers: Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi

(Based on characters created by Peter Chung)

Damn near incomprehensible.  I can’t really explain what compelled me to watch it.  I like Theron a lot, guess I just wanted to see how bad this was.  The story is cut to the bone, actually they cut a little to far into it.  I am sure they knew they had a piece of shit so they cut it to 90 minutes to get more screenings in before word of mouth got out.  I think they ended up shaving a bit too much off as the thing is damn confusing and convoluted.

It is the future and a virus killed off most of the population in 2011.  Now the last 5 million people live in this city and there are rebels fighting against the people in charge.  It turns out when people die the corrupt government takes the DNA of that person and injects it into expectant mothers thus the person is born again.  This goes on and on so people can technically live forever.  Aeon Flux and her buddies decide this isn’t right so they go about trying to kill people.  Lots of bizarre technology and some of the worst looking fight scenes I have ever seen take place.  I am not exaggerating on that.  People take pills that allow them to meet in a psychic court room over seen by Frances McDormand?  I really have no idea.  Everything is shot in extreme close ups and edited to the point of incomprehensibility.  It is clear the director was way over her head on this one.  All around terrible.

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