Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians (2011)


Director: Bryan Storkel

A documentary about a team of professional blackjack players.  The hook is that they are also devout Christians.  I like the premise but it doesn’t really get that deep into it.  They talk about card counting and their experiences getting kicked out of casinos.  If you have seen one movie about card counting/casino life this isn’t really new territory.  I was more interested in how they reconcile their supposedly hardcore religious beliefs with gambling for a living.

About halfway through something interesting happened.  They weren’t making as much money as they had hoped so they figured someone was stealing.  Then someone came forward saying that God told him who it was that was stealing.  The culprit was the one non Christian in the group surprise surprise and because of this conversation with God the guy was kicked out of the group.  They kind of quickly move on from this.  But someone talked to God?  Why isn’t that a much bigger issue?  Also God is taking the time to concern himself with your card counting club?  That it isn’t more the focus of the second half of the documentary was a little disappointing.

Interesting premise but it seems like whoever made it liked the subjects too much and it just turns into a nice fluffy doc where everyone is friends in the end.  Kind of OK just wish it went a little deeper.

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