American Animal (2011)

Director: Matt D’Elia

Writer: Matt D’Elia

Not sure about this one overall but there are things in this movie and a message behind it that I did like. D’Elia stars, and also writes and directs, as a young man with a terminal illness and the way in which he is dealing with it. It seems completely obnoxious but once you get into the rhythm of the movie and the “whys” it early got under my skin. This is a really ballsy in your face film from a new filmmaker and I’m curious to see where he goes from here. Not perfect but it is ambitious and unique and therefore I think worth checking out. It is on Netflix now. It is only 90 minutes so if you hate it oh well. Like the poster a lot.

About Jon Watches Movies

My name is Jon and I live in New Jersey. These are the movies I have watched since January 1, 2011.
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