Pro-Life (2006)

Director: John Carpenter

Writers: Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan

This is a film that was part of the Masters of Horror series on Showtime.  I checked it out mainly because it is directed by the legendary John Carpenter.  Granted the man hasn’t done much of value in my eyes in the last couple decades, entering into a kind of retirement, but whatever he does now is worth at least a look.  It is also co-written by famed former Ain’t It Cool News critic Drew McWeeny who previously wrote under the pseudonym Moriarty.  I am always curious when a critic ventures into the world of filmmaking.

Anyway the story is of a girl who is running away from her fantastical father to get an abortion.  Her father, played by Ron Perlman, has gotten into trouble for harassing the abortion doctors in the past but this time his daughter is involved and he comes with a gang of followers armed with shotguns.  God told him he has to protect the child but what he doesn’t know is inside something is going horrible wrong with the pregnancy.

The set up is actually alright for a horror film and I could see something good coming from it but pretty much everything else about it is sub-par.  I know this was part of a Showtime series attempting to have weekly original Horror films but the movie looks about as cheap as it can get with horribly cheesy sound design and boring photography.  Even at around an hour long it is a bit of a slog to get through.

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