Rock of Ages (2012)

Director: Adam Shankman

Writers: Justin Theroux and Chris D’Arienzo and Allan Loeb

(Based on a musical by Chris D’Arienzo)

Long and dull the two worst things a movie can be.  Nothing of any value is said in this.  The songs sucked then and they suck now.  Every celebrity in this can’t sing and is auto-tuned into robots.  There is no passion or need for this.  And worst of all they cast Will Forte in it and he has about zero lines playing a newscaster.  I assume they were cut but why are we casting the amazingly bizarre Forte and then having him do nothing?!  A total waste of pretty much everyones talents.  Enough with the jukebox musicals.  Give me something original!  Give me something with passion!  Just a lot of going through the motions.  Tom Cruise seemed to be the only one trying and even then I wondered was he good in the role or was I just succumbing to their stunt casting?

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