The Wicker Man (2006)

Director: Neil LaBute

Writers: Neil LaBute (Based on a screen play by Anthony Shaffer)

It is actually kind of hard to describe how terrible this movie is.  I don’t understand how someone decided this should be seen in theaters while other movies get sent DTV.  This of course is a remake of the classic cult film from 1973.  Cage stars as a police officer investigating a murder on an island full of women.  The acting in this, it really is hard to describe, its like everyone was huffing on paint fumes before every take.  Cage seems like he is playing a different person in every scene.

Is there another director with a career more schizophrenic than LaButes?  He started off fantastic making these smaller character driven pieces and now he just keeps doing schlock.  I was actually surprised to see him credited as the writer on this.  I would’ve understand if he did this as a for hire gig to pay the bills but he is the only credited writer, although the script seems to largely be the original film but without the musical numbers and now its an island full of women.

I would say this is actually kind of worth watching.  It is by no means good but just so that the next time you talk about how awful a movie is you’ll remember this and think but it wasn’t as bad as the Wicker Man remake.


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