And Everything is Going Fine (2010)

Director: Steven Soderbergh

I love Soderbergh but I am not very familiar with the work of Spalding Gray.  Soderbergh previously adapted one of Gray’s monologues into the film Gray’s Anatomy which I haven’t seen yet.  Both were recently released in Criterion Collection editions on both DVD and Blu Ray so I will check out Gray’s Anatomy as soon as I can.

And Everything is Going Fine is a sort of documentary-posthumous tribute to Gray.   Instead of interviewing other people to describe the man Soderbergh had the only person who could have done Gray justice and that was Gray himself.  Gray gained fame doing monologue performances.  He would sit at a desk with an open notebook with ideas and points of interest written in it and then just tell a story.  And Everything is Going fine cuts together clips from these Monologues over the years and various recorded interviews and manages to tell the linear story of Gray’s life through these different events that he was describing.  The effect is quite interesting and one I can’t recall really seeing before.

Side Note!  Dig that poster man!

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