Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

Directors: Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor

Writers: Scott M. Gimple & Seth Hoffman and David S. Goyer

(Story by David S. Goyer)

Why stop with just watching the first Ghost Rider when I can watch Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance right after!  Because that is what the doctor ordered!  Three 1/2 hours of Ghost Rider!

Seriously though this movie is pretty wretched.  I actually had some kind of bizarre hope for it when I first saw the trailers.  Yes the first one sucked but the over the top craziness of Nick Cage coupled with the guys who made the Crank movies seemed like such an obviously good match.

NOPE!  Cage turns in actually a pretty lazy “crazy” performance, almost as if they hired someone to do Cage.  All the over the top crazy but none of the heart that I love so much in his B-movie ridiculous performances.  I still will always defend Cage as a great and always interesting actor but this is not one of his best roles.

The directing is grimy and ugly.  I will say this approach works in regard to the actual look of Ghost Rider.  The one in the first movie was too clean and not very threatening.  In this one he moves with this bizarre and creepy jittery walk and you can see things near his flaming head, like his jacket, actually bubbling and burning, a detail the first one definitely missed.  But the look of Ghost Rider is about the only compliment I can give this movie.

If you saw the trailer you saw about 80-90% of the action/gags.  The peeing fire bit?  Doesn’t actually happen in the actual narrative but in a cut away when Blaze is bonding with a young boy.  Oh that young boy I just mentioned?  Absolutely atrocious.  The story of this revolves around a young boy who some dudes want to sacrifice and Idris Elba is like “hey Ghost Rider!  Go save those boys and we will cure you of your Ghost Riderness!”  So Blaze thinks this is a good idea and road trips it along with the boy and his mother.  It seems like in the last decade or so casting directors have realized that there are actually good kid actors.  When watching older movies it seems like this was NEVER true.  But now?  I have gotten so used to the Fannings, Moretzs, and Radcliffes that when there is a really shitty kid actor in a movie it is very memorable in a way that I don’t think it previously was.  We just accepted that kids were bad actors but now?  I can’t.

I am not quite sure after the terrible first one, which no one with any kind of taste liked, the decided to keep Cage and all of the same font and style of the first one.  You would think they would have gone a Hulk route, waited a few years, and then tried again.  Ghost Rider is a cool looking character but that is really about it.  Maybe he should just stay on the page.

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