Safe House (2012)

Director: Daniel Espinosa

Writer: David Guggenheim

No One Is Safe.  No One Is House.

Anyway this is an overly long Tony Scott lite thriller.  The story is extremely thin and if you watch the trailer you pretty much got the whole thing PLUS an hour and 56 more minutes of fighting.  I find that the older I get and the more movies I see the less just watching endless fights and shoot outs interest me.  Give me a few really inventive and original shorter fight scenes (like Haywire) any day over just endless fighting with random goons.  And if you are going to do that mix it up!  The Raid: Redemption shows it is possible to do it!

Washington and Reynolds are totally fine.  Washington totally phones in his performance as a former CIA traitor who is brought into a safe house (thats the title!) that is maintained by Reynolds character, who desperate wants to prove himself and move up the ranks.  Faceless bad guys come to kill Washington, there are some twists, there are some turns, and then the final bad guy is revealed to be someone who anyone who has watched about half a dozen movies like this should have figured out in the first act.

The movie is competently directed with the over saturated colors and the shaky cameras and fast editing, meaning someone who watched a lot of Tony Scott movies.  Washington and Scott seem like good buddies though, having worked together so many times, so I guess he wasn’t available for this one.

There isn’t really much else to say about this one.  Pretty uninspired on pretty much every level.  Not bad or offensive in anyway just extremely dull and unoriginal.  I just wonder what anyone saw in this particular script, out of the thousands that are probably written every year, and thought yes!  give this movie 90 million dollars!  In six months most people who saw this will have forgotten it even exists.

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