Prometheus (2012)

Director: Ridley Scott

Writers: Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof


I couldn’t tell you how excited I was for this movie but also really nervous.  The trailers were great but looking at Scott’s resume he isn’t the most reliable when it comes to quality.  Also Damon Lindelof was said to have a heavy influence on the script and given how bad he whiffed the ending of LOST I was a bit nervous.  Prequels are also a very tricky thing.  The Space Jockey and the origins of what is found in the original Alien never really mattered.  To attempt to 30 years later go back and try and explain what all that was, if done poorly, couldn’t help but stick in the back of my mind when watching Alien next time “Oh thats what this was”.  Now I understand that when making Alien that Prometheus wasn’t in the back of their mind.  When they created the whole Space Jockey thing all those decades ago they didn’t necessarily have any back story to it, they just thought it looked cool and mysterious.

Then reviews started to come in about a week ago and I definitely lowered my expectations.  I really tried to stay away from reading to much and I mostly was successful.  I have to say though in the end, while I definitely have issues with it, I did enjoy it more than I thought I would going on.  It clearly does take place in the Alien universe but it isn’t really a prequel in the sense that everything that happens in this movie sets up the movie Alien.  By the end of this movie it takes off in its own direction.  Hopefully the movie does well enough that it warrants a sequel but I would be interested to see where this story goes given the ending.

I will say what probably everyone will say walking out that without a doubt the two strongest things about the movie are Michael Fassbender’s performance as the android David.  The character of David doesn’t really make much sense, and actually a lot of the characters don’t, in terms of his motivations, one of the big problems I have with the film, but Fassbender makes the most of what he is given and turns in the most entertaining performance of the film.

The second is the visuals.  I know this was filmed in 3D and hyped to be really great 3D but even the really “great 3D movies” I have seen have really added nothing to the experience except for another pair of glasses for me to wear and $4 extra out of my pocket so for Prometheus I opted for the 2D showing.  Holy shit though this movie is beautiful.  I really can’t imagine seeing a better looking movie this year.  Regardless of what you think of the movie this really can’t be denied and if you have even a faint interest in seeing it DO NOT WAIT FOR HOME VIEWING see this thing on the biggest and best fucking screen you can find.  The effects, costumes, production design, etc are all spot on and if this doesn’t get a lot of love in the technical categories at the Oscars next year something is really wrong.

The movie is flawed no doubt but the movie seems to be reaching with its themes and its scope a lot more than Alien did, which was really just a Halloween type slasher movie but in space, so I give it credit for that.  When I walked out of The Avengers, which I enjoyed, I couldn’t help but think just how flat and not very cinematic it really looked.  Prometheus shows this is what a movie could and should look like when you’ve got hundreds of millions at your disposal.  BUT why cast Guy Pearce and put him in bad old age make up?  Why not just cast an old guy?  Why is he even in the movie at all?

I think that as time goes on and if I see the movie again I will probably just discover more flaws and my opinion of it will go down but for now having just got out of the movie I can say I was never really bored and the movie was great to look at.  Flawed yes but entertaining if you really try not to think about it to much which for me is hard to do and I think it is clear that the filmmakers weren’t trying to make a dumb thoughtless movie.  Maybe they’ll learn for the next one if they get the chance.

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