Nursery University (2008)

Directors: Marc H. Simon & Matthew Makar

Writer: Marc H. Simon

Entertaining, enlightening, and completely and totally infuriating.  Watching documentary about how schools work in the modern world is pretty insane.  Not that the world of these schools is anywhere near as tragic as the ones portrayed in Waiting For Superman, but still, these are the lives of children who really have no idea what is going on at the time.

This mostly highlights rich asshole parents living in New York City who think that in order for their two or three year olds to have successful lives they must get into specific preschools.  It shows the outrageous system that these schools have set up to show how exclusive they are, which in turn makes people want to get in them more.  I can’t imagine anything being taught in these schools is any different to what other preschools are teaching but it is the exclusivity that is the key.

One of the more frustrating story lines in this is watching the admissions process and how the heads of some of these schools make their decisions.  They say how hard and tough these decisions are and then we see the behind closed door meets where they smile and laugh and pick which kids they want and which ones they don’t.  The women get off on the control and power and their “concern” for the children is so fake it made me angry at multiple points in the movie.  All of this bullshit is about the parents adults in change and nothing to do with the kids.

The movie is well made and has a few distinct story lines throughout.  Like I said it is a good, just very frustrating, documentary.

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