This Means War (2012)

Director: McG

Writers: Timothy Dowling and Simon Kinberg

(Story by Timothy Dowling and Marcus Gautesen)


I was describing this movie to Maura and she said “even though you say this is horrible it actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea for a movie” and I agree it sounds alright!  And from the writers of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “Knight and Day” two perfectly OK Action Rom-Coms this could have turned out good but I am going to lay the blame on hacky Michael Bay Jr. director McG and the briefest of run times, 95 minutes, on this.  I mean you’ve got totally likable leads and a good premise but it feels just like a too many cooks in the kitchen mess of a movie that they realized sucked so they cut it down to the shortest time in which it would still kind of make sense in an effort to fit in more opening weekend screenings before word got out that it blows.  This one gets a big old fart noise from me.  NEXT!

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