The Toxic Avenger (1986)

Directors: Michael Herz & Lloyd Kaufman

Writers: Joe Ritter (Story by Lloyd Kaufman)

Tromadance is going to be in Asbury Park this year and James Gunn and Ti West are going to be there so to prepare I am going to take in some good old trashy Troma flicks.  This was actually my first time seeing this.  I think I might have seen it when I was way too young but I really had very little memory of it except for the guy getting his head crushed by the weights in the gym.

Instead of going to see the documentary Bully people should instead show this to High School students to show them the negative effects of bullying.  Set in the New Jersey town of Tromaville The Toxic Avenger started as average nerd Melvin Junko until one day the town Jocks tease and mock him into jumping out a window and accidentally into a vat of toxic waste.  Of course the radioactive sludge does not kill him but instead mutates him in the monster know as the Toxic Avenger (no one actually calls him that in the movie but whatever).

The movie then proceeds to have multiple scenes of gratuitous violence as people in the town of Tromaville are shown to be pretty rotten.  Teens get together to drunk drive and run over kids for fun, rob fast food joints, and pick on the weak and defenseless.  The Toxic Avenger, armed with a mop, the proceeds to rip off arms, smash heads, and rip out the guts of those who prey on the weak.  The violence is over the top and trashy but works well given the overall grungy and low budget vibe of the movie.  There is also even a romance sub-plot involving a blind woman falling for Toxie (get the tissues!)

By no means a well made movie but still enjoyable if you are into this sort of thing.  A lot of times these types of movies are so low budget that you have to sit through a lot of boring scenes with shitty characters before you get to the violence and special effects but this movie keeps the goo flowing pretty much throughout its quick 80 minute run time.  All four of the Toxic Avenger films are on right now for free!

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