Chronicle (2012)

Director: Josh Trank

Writers: Max Landis (Story by Max Landis & Josh Trank)

This was really good!  The setup sounds like some Hollywood douche bags pitched something like “OK lets take the gritty real world Dark Knight superhero tone and mix in with this found footage thing everyone is loving right now” which would kind of make me roll my eyes, just Fox studios chasing some trends but this really turned into something special I think.

The setup is pretty classic superhero stuff, three guys stumble upon some mysterious seemingly alien asteroid in a deep hole in the middle of the woods.  They come into contact with it and then discover they are developing telekinetic powers.  The movie moves quickly but definitely succeeds in the character development department by taking well known characters and standard of the genre but adapting them into something that feels fresh.

The story is told through the found footage style where the characters themselves are filming the action.  At points the movie seemed to struggle to find a reason as to why the cameras would be rolling at certain moments or how there are multiple cameras going in a scene to give the director more coverage but during the last act of the film there are some pretty thrilling and unique first person POV action sequences that were very exciting.  I think the movie could have been done with a more traditional style and still worked but the found footage genre is dominated by Horror movies so seeing a Sci-Fi/Action movie using it was new and interesting to me.

This was Trank and Landis’s feature debuts and I am definitely interested to see what these two turn out next.  For what is reported to be only a $12 Million budget Chronicle is pretty impressive and Trank proves he can get a lot of bang for his buck.  Word is that he is developing a new take on the Fantastic Four for Fox and after seeing Chronicle I can see why.  Check it out!

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