Road House (1989)

Director: Rowdy Herrington

Writers: David Lee Henry and Hilary Henkin

(Story by David Lee Henry)

I did it!  I finally watched Road House!  Thats right.  It’s true!  I had never seen Road House.  Well now I have!

Swayze plays Dalton, the best bouncer in the redneck bar business.  He is recruited to run a crazy and violent bar called The Double Deuce (LOLOL) and he doesn’t take any shit!  The charm of this movie is that it is from the 80s and ridiculous.  This movie was ok until it get to the last act and just turns into this crazy violent movie out of no where.

I feel like after watching this I am now apart of some club I wasn’t in for the last 25 years.

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My name is Jon and I live in New Jersey. These are the movies I have watched since January 1, 2011.
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