The Sweatbox (2002)

The SweatboxDirectors: John-Paul Davidson & Trudie Styler

This is a documentary that was never released and just now surfaced online.  It is a warts and all in depth look at the making of the Disney animated movie Kingdom of the Sun and its evolution over the years to the movie that was eventually released; The Emperor’s New Groove.  Disney I guess didn’t want this released because it really goes through all the pain and struggle of making one of these animated movies.  People work on something for years only to be told after one screening that the work must be scrapped and the story changed.  Spends probably a little too much time on Sting and his writing of a few songs for the film (the documentary was made by his wife) but the overall process is interesting.  I love real behind the scenes documentaries and I am very excited this made its way online.

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