Best Worst Movie (2009)

Director: Michael Stephenson

Writer: Michael Stephenson

This is a documentary about the cult fandom around what is frequently called the worst movie ever made, Troll 2.  It was made by the child star of the actual movie, Michael Stephenson, as he goes around finding all of the original cast, the writer, the director, and documents them as they go to sold out screenings of Troll 2 around the country.

The star of the documentary is definitely George Hardy.  When the movie begins Hardy is a practicing dentist in Alabama.  He is a likable and charming local celebrity and through the making of the movie he realizes that he is actually famous in cult film circles all over the country.

I have no yet actually seen Troll 2, I will be watching it soon, but I still found this to be an entertaining look at cult celebrity.  I have always wondered who are the people going to Horror conventions and selling autographs from when they were in Halloween 4 and this kind of delves into that world.  On the surface it is a “fun” documentary but I feel there is a kind of level of sadness how this very successful and liked dentist is still clinging to this movie he made twenty years earlier.

I feel it could have gone a little more in depth but considering the subject is Troll 2 maybe it wasn’t possible.  Still a pretty good movie documentary with an entertaining topic and a really fun Tyler Stout poster!

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