The Killing (1956)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Writers: Stanley Kubrick and Jim Thompson

(Based on the novel “Clean Break” by Lionel White)

First time seeing this.  Criterion just put it out on Blu Ray with Killer’s Kiss and being a big Kubrick fan I picked it up sight unseen and I am really happy I did!

The setup is fairly simple.  A group of guys plan to hold up a horse racetrack for upwards of two million dollars.  Of course when more people get involved things get more complicated.  The characters are all gritty film-noir types but you don’t come for arcs you come for the heist.  Despite being nearly 60 years old the film still feels very fresh and modern and at a brisk 84 minutes the movie never drags.  Even in Kubrick’s earliest movies you can see his touch in terms of the photography and the way things are lit.

The first half of the movie assembles all of the players as the work out the plan and the second half of the film is the heist itself.  Really enjoyable stuff with a really excellent transfer.

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