The Sunset Limited (2011)

Director: Tommy Lee Jones

Writer: Cormac McCarthy

(Based on the play by Cormac McCarthy

Samuel L. Jackson plays a god fearing man who saves Tommy Lee Jones’s character from an attempted suicide.  Neither man is named and the whole 90 minute film is just a conversation between the two in Jackson’s apartment.  IMDB just identifies the characters as Black and White.

I love movies that are able to sustain interest throughout a feature length run time but they take place in just one setting or have just a few characters.  This one has a really interesting premise and set up but it felt kind of flat to me.  I am a fan of all involved and while I know it is originally a play the adaptation didn’t really feel cinematic at all.

The main conversation between the two is them debating their life beliefs.  Jackson is a very religious man, he found God after he went to jail for murder.  Jones is a professor who believes that life is empty, miserable and meaningless.  The conversation between the two goes from the first frame to the last.

The performances are fine, a little stagey, but OK.  I liked the movie and found it interesting but just kind of empty at the end.

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