Fast Five (2011)

Director: Justin Lin

Writer: Chris Morgan

I pretty much don’t care about this series.  It seems to be made more for the meat head teenager crowd and it just isn’t really my thing.  I saw the first and third films from beginning to end.  The second one I saw some of at a party on mute and the fourth one I had on at work once and barely paid attention so that is where I am at with the series.

First off the above poster makes no sense.  First off who is Paul Walker pointing a gun at?  The Rock is right behind you!!  Why are all of your teammates just posing while the man hunting you down is just walking right up behind you?!  It is people’s jobs to market these things and they couldn’t even come up with a dynamic image that made any sense?  It seems like a dumb thing to complain about but thats because it is a dumb poster.

Anyway I really had no intention of seeing this movie but after the first four films getting trashed by critics, with Tomatometer scores ranging from 52%-28%, this new one someone how got mostly positive ones, 78% to be exact.  How could this be?  How many 5th movies in a series are good or even the best ones?  It has the same writer/director team as the last two and all the same actors I don’t care about doing more of the same things.  So what this time was different?

To be honest I really don’t know.  Sometimes the critics seem to give a pass to a movie and I really can’t understand why.  Why the last one was so exponentially worse than this one when it has pretty much all the same exact components.  The directing is slick but the whole thing is boring and by the numbers.

The set up this time around is that the gang is hiding out in Brazil.  The series has kind of transformed from street racing to heist movies and this is the “one last big job” entry.  So Walker and Diesel bring back a bunch of characters from the previous films to rip off some big drug lord who runs the town.

The directing is acceptably slick and the writing does what it does to get people from point A to point B.  The whole thing is just so boring to me that I can’t get anyone really remembering the movie an hour after watching it.  The only real to element to it is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the federal agent hunting down the crew.  He seems to be the only actor having some over the top fun with the role, especially compared to Diesel and Walker’s sleepwalking.

The movie ends with a car chase in which Walker and Diesel are dragging a massive safe down highways smashing them into all cars certainly killing all inside.  Are these the heroes?  I know this isn’t the point of the scene but I couldn’t help but think what assholes as they surely killed police officers with families just doing their jobs.

So I left this movie just confused as to why critics just gave up thinking with this one and just gave it a pass.  It is all the same stuff as the previous movies, change the setting, change the cars, and you get the idea.   I do enjoy The Rock though.

This poster makes no sense.

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