Angels in America (2003)

Director: Mike Nichols

Writer: Tony Kushner

(Based on the play by Tony Kushner)

Maura and I watched the whole six hours.  Very dense.  Need to think about this one some more.  I thought overall it was really good.  Loved the scope of it, that it got a lot of room to tell it’s story.  I love that it is an intimate epic.  People usually apply epic to movies like Lawrence of Arabia and Lord of the Rings but I think it can definitely be applied to something like this.  Clearly it is a very personal story and it really comes through.

I only knew Justin Kirk from Weeds and I loved seeing him in this.  Al Pacino fucking eats every bit of the screen saving nothing for dessert.  He is an acting madman.  It seems like he is getting all his best work done lately with HBO, gives me a lot of hope for the Phil Spector movie he is working on now.  Streep has some fairly minor roles in the start, some of which she was totally unrecognizable until it was pointed out to me, and in the second half plays a much larger role and she is great, but like I need to point that out to anyone.  Has there been a movie she was even OK in?

Some kind of silly look effects, particularly when it comes to the Emma Thompson Angel scenes, but it was a play first so I kind of just went with it.  Great acting all around and a really heart felt and personal story.  Definitely worth the six hours.

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