Sucker Punch (2011)

Sucker Punch

Director: Zack Snyder

Writers: Zack Snyder & Steve Shibuya

(Story by Zack Snyder)

I guess I understand the hate this movie got.  It is very over the top and stylized and it seems like the trend these days is for things to be realistic and over explained, even when we are talking about sci-fi/fantasy type movie.  Suddently super hero stuff has to be “real”.  That is fine sometimes but we can’t forget that these are MOVIES.  I am not saying this to defend Sucker Punch, I can’t really say I liked it, but I appreciate the effort.  Snyder built his reputation doing adaptations of other works so he took that clout to make something his own.  So just that effort alone I like.  After watching Sucker Punch though maybe directing is his strong suit over writing.  There are plenty of great visuals and I like how it is just a movie made seemingly from the id of a thirteen year old, doodling on their notebook during math class.  I can imagine Snyder pitching this as a movie inspired by Heavy Metal album covers.  Cool in concept but as a feature it didn’t really work for me however I like the effort and I always appreciate the daring.

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My name is Jon and I live in New Jersey. These are the movies I have watched since January 1, 2011.
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