The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

The Adjustment Bureau

Director: George Nolfi

Writer: George Nolfi

(Based on the short store “Adjustment Team” by Philip K. Dick)

A little bit different than I think the ads led people to believe.  While does have a fantasy/sci-fi element it is largely a romance.  I welcome a surprise like that.  Emily Blunt and Matt Damon are charismatic leads.  The twist is that everything that happens in the worlds is carefully mapped out by guys in suits who watch over us.  These two were not supposed to fall in love according to this grand plan but instead their own human feelings fought against it.  The film then turns into a pursuit of these two by these mysterious men.  The neatest trick is that these men have these magic fedoras that when they wear them and open a door, any door, it will transport them into another space.  This makes for some pretty thrilling and imaginative chase scenes towards the end.  I liked it!

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