Rabid (1977)


Director: David Cronenberg

Writer: David Cronenberg

Cronenberg has grown on me so much over the years.  No one does gross body horror like him.  He is a director with a style and themes that drive him.  You can watch his films and clearly see they are from the same mind.

After a horrible motorcycle accident a woman gets experimental plastic surgery that in turn transforms her into a zombie of sorts.  Not a Romero type, she can still function and walk and talk, but I guess I would say zombie for lack of a better word.  She is the carrier and what she requires is blood.  When she bites she infects others (hence calling her a zombie) and eventually the town becomes overrun with the infected.

I was pleasantly surprised and just how quickly the movie gets into it.  This is one of Cronenberg’s earlier films and it has a lot of similar things as his later work, such as surgery & body transformation.

Obviously with the bigger budgets he eventually got his work became more polished but I thought this was a good flick and well worth checking out if you’re a fan.

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