Somewhere (2010)


Director: Sofia Coppola

Writer: Sofia Coppola

I am impressed with movies like this.  Sofia Coppola wrote a script with almost no dialogue in which nothing really happens and then handed it to people and asked for millions of dollars to make it.  Thats not to say I didn’t like the movie but I am not exaggerating when I say that nothing really happens in this movie and you can kinda get the whole story in a 2 minute trailer.  But it makes up for that with style and feeling.  The movie looks great and the performances are natural  This isn’t a film trying to tell you things it is trying to make you feel and understand through just watching.  But I can’t say I loved it.  Is a 4 minute scene of the main characters playing Guitar Hero really saying anything except “this movie is too short for theatrical release.  Throw in that Guitar Hero scene I guess.”  Overall the movie I feel like is a little too slight for me to like.  I think I liked it aspects of it but definitely my least favorite of Coppola’s films.

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