House (1977)

House (Japanese)

Director: Nobuhiko Ohbayashi

Writers: Chiho Katsura

(Story by Chigumi Obayashi)

I had never heard of this movie until Criterion announced it’s release last summer.  After that I heard nothing but hype about how strange it was.  Well I finally watched it the other night night and I think in terms of weirdness it was definitely up there.

The basic premise is a group of girls spend the night in a haunted mansion and get picked off one by one.  The titular house belongs to the Aunt of one of the girls, whose demonic cat has glowing green eyes.

There are plenty of strange and hilarious things that happen in the movie but it is hard to describe unless you actually see it.  The overall tone of the movie is sometimes horror sometimes comedy, and sometimes hard to tell when it is intentional or not.  The music felt wildly inappropriate through out which made me think it was more comedy than not?  Just watch the trailer posted below and you can get a sense of how weird the movie is but it certainly must be seen to be believed.

Pretty much every special effects trick in the 1970s book is employed here to different degrees of success but it all adds to the overall style and cult appreciation of the film.  This is definitely not an ageless film.

I don’t know if this is a “good” film but it is certainly strange and entertaining if you can go with this type of movie.  I watched it alone but I think this is the kind of movie that screams to be seen at midnight with an audience full of people.  Maybe sometime I will get the opportunity to do so.

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