Morning Glory (2010)

Morning Glory

Director: Roger Michell

Writer: Aline Brosh McKenna

Kind of cute and delightful.  Nothing too heavy.  Easy to watch.  But then the end comes and it seems to put forth the message that people are stupid and we need to dumb down our entertainment accordingly.

Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller a NJ morning news show producer who gets a job at the worst rated network in NYC, IBS (get it?!).  Through contract loopholes she ends up getting Mike Pomeroy, Harrison Ford, a serious award winning journalist, to come and work for her floundering morning news show.  He thinks the show is disrespectful to his legacy and she thinks he should just lighten up for the sake of getting ratings to save the show.  Diane Keaton has a pretty thankless role as the co-host of the show and Patrick Wilson’s character might as well not even have a name except “Love Interest”.

McAdams is cute and likeable and Ford is ageing into the curmudgeon stage of his now shitty career but this is a lighter than air riff on Broadcast News.  There isn’t anything especially funny or memorable about it and the message in the end is that people just want fluff so lets give it to them which felt like a bizarre message to have.

This was produced by JJ Abrams Bad Robot production company.  Even the opening credit text has lens flares.

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