Hustle & Flow (2005)

Hustle & Flow

Director: Craig Brewer

Writer: Craig Brewer

Hustle and Flow is one of my favorite movies from the last ten years.  This movie gets me excited in so many ways and I showed it to Maura for the first time.  Showing a movie like this to someone new is kind of a nerve wracking experience for me.  You hope that they will laugh when you laugh or get tense when you do.  I am always glancing over checking up on the other person hoping they are going along with it the same way.

I love movies about people creating art.  This movie, in my eyes, does such a great job at capturing the spirit and while I don’t live in the South nor do I create hip hop music watching this gets me excited every time I see it.

Terrence Howard owns this movie as D Jay, a pimp going through an existential crisis.  He lives in a shit hole house with three of his “employees” but something is missing in his life.  After a chance encounter with an old high school classmate going through also searching for something more they find a common bond through music and start to produce tracks together.

The acting is on point and the scenes of Howard, Anthony Anderson, and DJ Qualls making beats and laying down rhymes are so inspiring to me.  The whole setting of the movie feels authentic, you just smell the sweat coming from off the screen.  Also the movie won Three 6 Mafia an Oscar so there you go.

For a movie that sounds like it could be a very by the numbers music movie it has great performances and some great third act twists.  I have seen this maybe a dozen times and I still love pretty much everything about it.

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