Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Where Afraid to Ask (1972)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

Director: Woody Allen

Writer: Woody Allen (Based on a book by David Reuben)

I decided this year that I need to watch all the Woody Allen movies I have seen.  As of now I have seen 20 and have 23 left to see.  This was my first time seeing this one and while I enjoyed it overall like most movies made of vignettes some worked for me and some didn’t.

The movie starts with a medieval set piece called “Do Aphrodisiacs Work?”  This features Allen as a court jester trying to use a love potion on a queen.  This is a pretty light weight entry in the film but I guess an OK start.  I didn’t laugh very much but Allen is always welcome on screen.

The second is called “What is Sodomy?” and features Gene Wilder as a doctor who falls in love with a sheep that is brought to his office.  The piece is pure absurdity and Wilder plays it great.  I thought that this was one of the better segments of the movie.

Next up is “Why Do Some Women Have Trouble Reaching an Orgasm?”  I must admit that while writing this I kind of had forgotten about this one and had to look on wikipedia to remember it.  Even then I still don’t really have a good memory of it.

“Are Transvestites Homosexuals?” might have been my favorite one.  It is totally silly and absurd and it features a dinner party in which a middle aged man goes to use the bathroom and ends up deviating to a bedroom and engaging in some cross dressing.  He eventually gets locked out of the house in women’s clothes and it continues from there.

“What Are Sex Perverts?” was probably my least favorite.  I found it pretty unfunny to the point of being uncomfortable.  I guess the one I forgot about was worse since I had forgotten it but this segment I just had a bad reaction to.

“Are the Findings of Doctors and Clinics Who Do Sexual Research and Experiments Accurate?” is about Allen and a woman who visit a researcher and realize he is actually a mad scientist.  They go to make their escape and in the process a giant breast is released and starts terrorizing the country side.  The lab stuff was OK but once the breast gets out I enjoyed the absurdity of it.

The closer is probably the most famous one.  It is called “What Happens During Ejaculation?” and features paratrooper sperm, Allen is feature in the costume front and center on the poster.  The whole thing takes place inside of a man’s brain as the people controlling him go through the different bodily functions involved in having sex.  A really funny and inventive segment and a strong one to close with.

Overall I’d say I like a little more than half of the movie.  It has a breezy feel to it so when one segment starts to sag just know it’ll end soon.  Glad I am finally seeing all of these movies and am looking forward to more!

Like most movies made up of shorts some work and some don’t.  In the case of this one I thought most worked and overall I liked it.  I think the bit about Gene Wilder falling in love with a sheep was my favorite.  Or the husband cross dressing at the dinner party and getting stuck outside.

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